* Here are a number of testimonials for both one to one sessions and workshops. Please be aware that these are individual results and your results and experiences may differ. Some of the names have been changed at the request of the individual


One To One Sessions

I have had 3 sessions with Emma and she is knowledgable in the way the mind works, friendly, easy to chat to and helped me heal a couple of situations that I have had for years! I can highly recommend her – Suzanne

At 37 years old I thought it time to finally get my driving license. Twenty years ago I had, had a few lessons and failed the theory test, so I just gave up. Three months ago I started the process again, this time I passed my theory test and my lessons were going ok. However, each time I was due to go for a lesson I would feel anxious, worried and actually scared about getting into the car. After speaking to Emma, she sent me a bespoke driving test hypnotherapy recording and I genuinely believe that it is what helped me pass my test. Each night, before bed for two weeks I would listen to the recording and when I next had a lesson I felt calmer and much more relaxed. After even the first time listening, I noticed a difference in my attitude to driving and passing my test. And pass I did! First time with only six minors. Thank you Emma for the recording, it really did help – Amy

Emma has literally changed my life in just a few sessions! – Caroline

Started making a positive difference to my outlook and work issues within weeks – John

When I came to Emma I was 45 and stuck in my life. I had just separated from my husband and I didn’t know what to do. After just four sessions with Emma and her perception on life, I finally got the courage to leave my job. A year on, I am now working overseas and I have a new boyfriend. I have never been happier. I am so grateful for those four sessions with Emma – Carol

Emma has a knack of cutting to the chase. She is quick to understand the issue and find a solution. I threw Emma a curveball and wanted a direction with an issue that was far from simple, but she dealt with it in the same practical and logical way that she deals with everything else. She made me feel so comfortable with discussing an issue that was very stressful for me. Before the session with Emma, I hadn’t realised that I hold the solutions to my problems. The confidence and ability to address these issues has quite literally, changed the way I am living my life. And all in four sessions – Susie

The amount of psychological knowledge that Emma has is phenomenal. She seems to completely understand the cause and solution of any problem! I’m so impressed with her knowledge – Kate

I love having sessions with Emma. She isn’t shocked by anything. She makes you feel comfortable talking about anything. She is down to earth, easy to talk to and understands everything. I love the fact that she roots for me during every session. She thinks I can do anything and now I’ve had sessions with her, so do I!

She has a natural gift for this work. She is so down to earth, knowledgeable and supportive. Anyone who has sessions with Emma is very lucky – Kelly

I decided to have life coaching as I felt that my aspirations were slipping away from me. I just couldn’t see a way of achieving them and instead only saw a failure. This knocked my confidence and any self-belief I had in myself. I felt as if I had lost my way. Throughout the coaching sessions I managed to set goals and targets for myself and started to realise the opportunities that are out there for me. My confidence has improved so much and the belief in myself is back. I feel as if all the self-doubt I had has been lifted from my shoulders. Session with Emma has helped me to understand what it is that I want from life and given me the tolls to get it – Rachel

It has completely changed the way I view life and the way that I view myself. I have more self-worth, am less stressed in social situations and have re-kindled my passion for doing what I want to do in my career. I am now a much more confident and happy person – after just four sessions – Eleanor

I love Emma’s matter of fact style. She cuts to the chase quickly and identified my blocks very quickly. She identified blocks I didn’t even no that I had! She then used special techniques to change the way that I felt about memories with EFT. I have full faith in Emma’s ability as a coach – Tom




I have enjoyed Emma’s course and despite it being on a work night I have not wanted to miss a session. Emma is down to earth and has demystified some of the techniques to sorting out my life issues into simple steps – Marie

A great course. Well paced and presenting keeping us awake and interested at the end of busy days – Mark

An excellent day – I am sure other members of staff would benefit from a session – Vicky

I wish I had this a year ago. I might still be in teaching – Caroline

Super style Emma! You packed in so much – Gerri

The whole day was excellent – Debbie

Materials and delivery were excellent. It was entertaining, informative and accessible – Nicola

Thank you so much for this training session. It was really useful and interesting – Melanie

Very informative and entertaining – Jo

Excellent course! Entertaining and thought provoking – Jane

A very good course – Anna

A wonderful course! – Grace

A very enjoyable course – John

I will take the booklets home and have a look at them again in my own time and space. I don’t think I have ever done that after a presentation/course before – Lucy

Thank you so much for the session. You’re a super presenter and so informative – Geraldine

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us today – Emily

I have found the information provided very informative and useful in my life – Alex

Really enjoyed the course and found Emma to be a dynamic teacher who is passionate about her subject – Nigel

I have found the classes interesting and well-paced, managing to keep me alert even after a busy day. Emma has been warm and approachable and has managed to keep the atmosphere “light” even when we have been looking at potentially painful issues – Liz

I would recommend this course to my friends. I am happier now, more self-confident and have greater self-esteem since starting this course. I am more decisive and have les worry and guilt after making decisions. My friends have noticed that I am happier, calmer and have more energy since starting the course – Leona

Great course! I feel it has benefitted me. I have thought of myself as a failure far too long……not anymore! – Sue

A very good workshop that has made me stop and evaluate my current situation. Some of it was quite deep. I would definitely recommend this course – Jackie

I came on this course and at the time I wasn’t sure who I was and it has given me an understanding of myself and other. It has been great “me time” – Sarah



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